About Us

Uncaged Unicorns
Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones, AMFT has a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in marriage and family therapy. She’s also a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (CA only). Wendy has an extensive background working with at-risk teens and young adults, and specializes in empowering teens and young adults to heal from complex trauma and its symptoms including anxiety and depression. While we often think of early trauma as arising almost solely from abuse or neglect, she also works with clients to overcome the often-unspoken wounds left by significant losses, bullying, difficult life transitions, community violence, hospital stays, divorce, and even difficulty connecting with a parent who was overburdened with responsibilities or who suffered from their own childhood trauma. These challenging experiences can leave lasting impacts on our self-esteem, relationships, even physical health. Wendy uses a holistic approach that goes beyond symptom reduction and supports the mind-body connection. She creates a safe, compassionate space where she collaborates with clients to address the root causes of anxiety, depression, shame, anger, chronic health conditions, relationship stressors, and even oppositional defiant behaviors. To do this, Wendy utilizes concepts from holistic modalities like the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM), Internal Family Systems, the Polyvagal Theory and other trauma-informed methodologies. Wendy is also highly trained and has certifications in holistic health, so she can offer recommendations on natural approaches to healing the chronic health conditions that can often accompany distressing emotions. Wendy’s passion for this work is deeply personal. It fuels her understanding and empathy and allows her to act as a fierce advocate for her clients as they navigate and heal from overwhelming challenges. Along the way, Wendy has discovered that healing is fostered by self-compassion, a vitally important quality she encourages by bringing a positive and supportive energy to every session. Wendy is excited to invite you on a journey to lasting healing, self-acceptance, and empowerment.
Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones LCSW CCTP brings years of cutting-edge experience in people development to Uncaged Unicorns, including work as a licensed mental health provider and owner of WholeTherapy, where he maintains a focus on helping adults and teens resolve complex trauma. Ryan is a NARM Master Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Ryan also provides couples counseling for the Center for Couples Therapy in La Jolla California.

Ryan is passionate about supporting individuals and couples. He now brings this passion to Uncaged Unicorns, where he teams up with his wife Wendy to work with individuals and those in relationships (personal or professional) to provide trauma-informed, client-centered solutions that empower recognizing self-efficacy to surmount the life challenges that have been holding them back.

Our Mission:

Empowerment is at the core of our mission. We want to help you transcend complex trauma and rediscover your authentic self. Our aim is to unleash your trapped resilience, equipping you with holistic tools to heal beyond symptoms and step into an empowered future. We guide you from pain to purpose, helping you navigate the labyrinth of complex trauma and igniting your unique path to wholeness.

Our Values:

Compassion Over Blame

We're all about understanding the roots of your pain, fostering self-acceptance, and celebrating every step toward wholeness.

Holistic Healing

We provide services that honor the mind-body connection, integrating therapies with natural approaches to nurture vibrant well-being.

Empowerment, Not Exile

Your inherent resilience is our focus as we help you reclaim your voice, navigate challenges, and rewrite your narrative.

Authentic Connection

Our safe haven for vulnerability honors your unique story and builds a bridge toward meaningful relationships