Relationship Coaching

Clinically-Trained Relationship Coach Helping You Heal, Grow, and Connect in Love, Breakup/Divorce, Friendship, Family, and Self

The Uncaged Unicorn Approach

Ready to unlock deeper connections in love, friendships, family, and most importantly, with yourself?

As a clinically-trained relationship coach with expertise in the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM), we take a holistic approach, helping you understand how early experiences shape your present relationships and self-perception. Together, we’ll uncover subconscious patterns holding you back and equip you with practical strategies and deep, transformative insights to build healthy and fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life. This includes developing strong communication skills, navigating challenges with ease, and fostering resilience after a breakup or past hurts. By cultivating healthy self-esteem, you’ll be empowered to create lasting connections that truly nourish your soul.

Why “Uncaged Unicorns”?

At Uncaged Unicorns, we believe in the magic of healing that lies within you, waiting to be unleashed. Like mythical unicorns, we were all born wild and free, and unique, but life’s challenges can sometimes trap us in emotional cages. Our name reflects our holistic approach, partnering with you to explore the reasons behind your struggles and developing empowering strategies for lasting change.

Unresolved Relationship Issues? Coaching Can Help You Build Fulfilling Connections

Early relationship challenges, whether from childhood, past relationships, or even current experiences, can have a lasting impact. Unresolved issues can manifest as communication difficulties, unhealthy patterns, or difficulty forming trusting connections. This is where relationship coaching comes in. Through personalized coaching, we can provide a supportive environment to explore the root of your relationship challenges. Together, we’ll uncover any subconscious barriers that may be holding you back. By gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and past experiences, you’ll be empowered to develop healthier relationship patterns.

Our Approach

At Uncaged Unicorns, we empower you to rewrite your relationship story. As a psychotherapist turned coach, our approach sheds light on how your past shapes your present connections, desires, and self-image. Through our collaborative journey, we'll unveil hidden obstacles that might be hindering you. Our coaching offers a powerful blend of actionable strategies and profound insights, guiding you towards building thriving relationships in love, family, friendships, and most importantly, with yourself.


Feeling lost in your relationships? At Uncaged Unicorn, we empower you to succeed in love, family, friendships, and most importantly, with yourself. Whether you're seeking to rekindle the spark in your romance, navigate a breakup with strength, or build stronger connections with family and friends, our personalized coaching helps you overcome challenges and unlock deeper fulfillment. We also focus on fostering a healthy relationship with yourself, helping you understand your needs, improve self-esteem, and overcome personal barriers that can hinder your connections with others.

About Us

Discover the dedicated expertise of Wendy Jones, AMFT, and Ryan Jones LCSW CCTP and their holistic approach to healing and empowering couples, individuals, friends, and families through relationship coaching. Explore how their collaborative efforts can guide you towards a journey of self-discovery and growth.